» EQ Equipment

System & Services develops and markets special test equipment, instrumentation, and simulators for Electronic Warfare(EW). Our Electronic Warfare equipment includes:

  • Radar Signal Simulator (RSS)
  • Portable Radar Simulator (PRS)
  • Measurement and Verification System (MAVS)
  • Expendable Countermeasures (EXCM) Simulator
  • Avionics Simulator (AVSIM)
  • Expendable Countermeasures (EXCM) Simulator
  • Laboratory Data Recording System
  • Data Analysis System
  • Digital Threat Simulators
  • Controls & Displays Simulator
  • Enhanced Automated Special Test Equipment (EASTE)
  • Transportable Test Line
  • End-to-End Test System

Our EW equipments can be adapted/modified and integrated to meet your Electronic Warfare requirements.

» Frequency Catchers

The radio frequency catcher and recorder is ideal for identifying and keeping note of a given transmission frequency.

» High Altitude Equipment

System & Services offers select equipment manufactured by leading and innovative companies that have a focus on Alpinism. We at System & Services feel that if an equipment item is offered by us, it is absolutely the some of the best equipment you can buy for high altitude climbing. In many cases, the good gear we are talking about is hard to find at your local climbing store, or even larger suppliers catalog or on-line suppliers.

» Jammers

System & Services jamming solutions are designed to provide maximum protection against bomb detonation and undesirable communications in large buildings, facilities and installations. The types of installations where these systems are in use include:

  • Prison Facilities
  • Government facilities
  • Military installations
  • Parliamentary buildings
  • Embassies
  • Detention facilities
  • Military shelters
  • Army checkpoints
  • Municipal facilities
  • Airports

System & Services most powerful systems are capable of completely paralyzing all RF communication signals in large defined areas, for purposes such as anti-terror security, VIP protection and prisoner isolation.

» Security Equipment

System & Services offers practical business with solution, strategic and tactical security and crucial infrastructure protection against terrorist and security threats in today\'s most challenging environment. System & Services provides business risk mitigation and strategic security solutions to multinational business, financial institutions, government industries,militaries, NGO's, Multi-National Corporations.

  • Access Control System
  • Anti-Shop Lifting System
  • Walk-through Metal Detector
  • Cargo Inspection System
  • X-RAY Inspection System
  • Long Range wireless applications
  • Hand held Metal Detector
  • Fire Alarm System
» Surveilance Equipment

Surveilance Systems including Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) systems help to monitor the area under surveillance easily and more effectively. Since it involves a number of cameras transmitting data to monitors, it makes it fairly easy to keep a constant watch especially for sites with little out-of-hours activity where the value of maintaining a manned presence is limited. Remote monitoring services facility ensures virtual onsite presence and complete off-premises facilities control.

» Vehicle Engineering

System & Services consulting expertise includes accident analysis of existing products and design analysis of future products. The work is challenging, extremely hands-on, dynamic, and detail-oriented. This practice offers an opportunity to learn in-depth analysis of all kinds of vehicles from bicycles to heavy trucks, and become a leading consultant in design analysis and test engineering.

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