» Broadcast Equipments

System & Services offers a real and functional "Turn-key" solutions in the Radio/TV broadcast sector. More and more this market dictates that companies such as ours, migrate from being simple equipment providers to a more complex and exhaustive station philosophy consultants, offering a vast range of services to include:

  • Total project design/management
  • Systems/equipment procurement/installation
  • Test and acceptance
  • Technical assistance
  • Total station warranty
  • After installation logistical support

The same level of consideration and attention is given to already established networks down to the smallest start-up broadcast stations. System & Services proposes what we define upgradeable modular global Radio/TV Broadcast solutions.

» Digital and Analog Transmitters

System & Services Solid-State TV Transmitters and Transposers for digital and analog terrestrial Broadcasting are hi-end technology and performance, quality, and reliable products. They employ high performance driving units and wide band, highly efficient power amplifiers (low power consumption in comparison with the output power), using MOSFET and LD-MOS semiconductors, AB class polarized, properly precorrected in order to obtain the necessary linearity. Efficiency is further enhanced by the use of switch-mode power supplies, provided with PFC - Power Factor Corrector - in order to minimize reactive power consumption; which in medium and high power equipment is close to zero.

» Digital Modulators

System & Services provides a wide range of latest generation digital modulators, all with high quality and performance, suitable for different purposes. The main are:

  • Terrestrial Broadcasting (DVB-T/H and ATSC standard)
  • Satellite distribution and contribution (DVB-S, DVB-S2 and DVB-DSNG standard)
  • Microwave Links (DVB-S/S2 and OFDM/DVB-T standard)
» Satellite Uplinks

The System & Services digital Satellite Uplink solutions for contribution or distribution/broadcasting, combines hi-end performance with high product quality and flexibility -- for a very competitive price.


UHF is widely used in two-way radio systems and cordless telephones whose transmission and reception antennas are closely spaced. UHF signals travel over line-of-sight distances. Transmissions generated by two-way radios and cordless telephones do not travel far enough to interfere with local transmissions. A number of public safety and business communications are handled on UHF. Civilian applications such as GMRS, PMR446, UHF CB, and 802.11b ("WiFi") are popular uses of UHF frequencies.

Common uses for VHF are FM radio broadcast, television broadcast, land mobile stations (emergency, business, and military), long range data communication with radio modems, Amateur Radio, marine communications, air traffic control communications and air navigation systems.

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