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For the homeowner, backup power can mean the difference between staying put and moving out. With System & Services - grade residential power system - a home standby generator or a residential emergency generator - you've got a potent ally on your side when the lights go out - power for life without interruption. It's not just the power that's on; it's our people too. System & Services maintains a service network and commitment to excellence guaranteed to keep your backup power solutions ready the moment they're needed.

» Solar Power

Solar cells provide cost effective solutions to energy problems in places where there is no mains electricity. Solar cells are also totally silent and non-polluting. As they have no moving parts they require little maintenance and have a long lifetime. Compared to other renewable sources they also possess many advantages; wind and water power rely on turbines which are noisy, expensive and liable to breaking down. System & Servies is the pioneers of renewable energey resources in Pakistan and thus supports the use of Solar cells especially in this day and age when electricity is becoming a scarce commodity.


An Uninterruptable Power Supply, or UPS, can save the life of your PC, as well as hours of work should main power be disrupted. Unlike the common surge suppressor, a UPS also contains a battery that can power a computer for a short time, allowing a PC to be properly shut down. We at System & Services offer the best UPS that money can buy.

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